Part of Europe is under threat: which countries Putin may attack next

The unity of western European countries in political and military support, despite Putin’s threats and war, is encouraging. Many Europeans believe, that the continent will be better prepared to withstand security threats.

Who’s next?

The representative of the European Defense Ministry asks a very reasonable question: “If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, who will be next?”. The security issue is particularly relevant in the Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland. The fate of these three countries is closely related to the events in Ukraine. They are also in the focus because of their unique connection to Europe and Russia.

Finland and Norway have common land borders with Russia. Norway is a member of NATO but not a member of the European Union, while Finland and Sweden are the members of the EU, but not the members of NATO. All three countries have historically held a restrained and non-confrontational approach to relations with Russia. In addition, they are also members of the EU’s Schengen area, which means, that borders are open between them.

Taking into account events in Ukraine during the last three weeks, there have been a serious rethinking of European security. How can a policy of non-confrontation be pursued, if a massive plot of land with Russia remains open? Nations, that have been neutral so far, have provided weapons to Ukrainians. Countries, that have had deep economic ties with Russia are breaking those ties now.